Encryption based on popular symmetric encyprtion algorithms,...

Encryption based on popular symmetric encyprtion algorithms, RC2, Rijndael, Triple DES, and Blowfish. FeaturesWritten in C#100%. NET Managed codeCLS Compliant componentEasy to useWorks with WinForms (VB.

NET/C#) and WebForms (ASP. NET)Supports RC2, Rijndael (AES), Triple DES and Blowfish (Blowfish can use a 448 bit key)Synchronous and Asynchronous methods as well as Asynchronous abort methodsPercent Complete and Completed events for multithreaded encryptionPersistentStream feature leaves network and other special streams open after encyprtion/decription is completedSupport ASCII and Unicode stringsUnique methods for strings, files and streamsOptional Password Validation event, notifies user if incorrect decryption password was usedCRC32 and Adler32 checksum toolkit routines included!